.5. A Helping Hand Poem by David Threadgold

.5. A Helping Hand

Rating: 4.8

Everybody has talent
We all have a skill
No one should believe they can’t
But say they really will

With eyes that show no passion
A brain so full of thought
We need to help express ourselves
Not sell each other short

When able we should listen
If not then we should read
When legs don’t take us where we want
Use sticks and wheels to lead

Remember we all have a skill
But we must be the finder
Don’t hide your talents from the world
To share them would be kinder

Show others that to help you bloom
Conditions must be right
Then know your limits every day
And make the dull days bright

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

Chitra - 14 October 2008

comes lets all join hands to strengthen our bond for only then all those sacred gifts of joy will be found

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Bob Gibson 11 October 2008

I cast my ray of sunshine, at people in the street i smiled and waved and whistled i even kissed their feet i gave them all my money, I've no need for fame and now i've been rejected an it you who is ter blame! enjoyed this one David

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Bonnie Collins 09 October 2008

Enjoyed the wonderfull feel you have given this write, it has so much truth of life to it David, and is filled with much wisdom.... I enjoyed this very much... Bonnie

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Mencita Monoï Angel Carmen 08 October 2008

how nice..we all have a skill... shall not forget it...

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Stacey Watts 07 October 2008

Wonderful inspirational poem. I think this a favorite of mine now..

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