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(561) My Vision

Rating: 3.0

Lying motionless supported by a soft bed of grass, my thoughts
ran wild, endless thoughts from the beginning of my life to the end and
beyond. My eyes opened wide as I lay in a pre slumber state. The
most amazing vision unfolded right before my eyes, clouds began to
move in every direction, a kaleidoscope of colors burst into view. The
clouds descended to the earth floor gently creating forms. I
couldn’t believe my eyes, a stairway took form, at the top of this
remarkable stairway, clouds began to dance and take on more shapes.
Yes shapes of Angels and instruments, harpsichords, violins, trumpets
and more. The Angels took their instruments and began to play, oh the

music was a beautiful setting, a serene, peaceful atmosphere, filled with
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Ivor Hogg 01 September 2007

Indeed a wonderful vision, an epiphany or as I would call it a peak experience People have different ideas of paradise informed by what they are taught in youth by whatever religious instructors they have. I have studied comparitive religions over the years and formed my own opinions.Which does not mean to say I am correct I believe all religions contain some truth and would always respect another persons faith.Personally I believe in re incarnation the law of Karma makes sense to me AS you sow so shall you reap but one lifetime is not enough to achieve perfection ivor

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Meggie Gultiano 01 September 2007

This is a very wonderful vision Melvina! Oh, you are so blessed! . It's always my heart desire to be with my Lord when the time comes..there, there is always singing that i love very much to do..no fear and no tears..I wish that God will give me that same vision He gifted you with..My eyes are all glued to the computer, reading again and again thie piece, until my tears got dried..Oh, what a wonderful piece you have here, Melvina..It makes me satisfief, at peace with all this contents. Thank you, with all my heart..Again, i will take this as another of my favorite one..top marks..

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Asma Bahrainwala 01 September 2007

very soothing images... and a comforting tone... nice one... Asma...

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 31 August 2007

A true stairway to heaven... Beautiful poem Mel..10

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