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(550) My Death-My New Life Begins

Rating: 3.4

Lying still in a hospital room, surrounded by family, tears flowing,
faces saddened. At the end of my bed stood a tall, slender lady
with beautiful features. Her skin, the look of velvet, with royal
eyes, rosy cheeks and lips. Angelic, the most beautiful woman, I
had ever seen. She beckoned with her right hand to come. The
pain immediately left my body. I was pain free for the first time in
many months. My body totally relaxed as if to sink within itself.
In a euphoric state I realized this must be the end, fear was non-
existent. I was filled with happiness. My time had come, time to
say good-bye to my loved ones and move on to a better life. It is

not the bitter end, we will meet again in paradise.
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Hauntingly eloquent...I have said this to you before, i am sure, but one of your styong suits, be you like it or not, is when you reach to the dark & bring POE WORSHIPERS like i...some light...Well done, Melvina...Very well done. FJR

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David Harris 28 January 2007

Melvina, this is beautiful and I can relate to everything you said. The scent of flowers filling the room. I was always told that each of us has a flower. I have smelt the flowers many times after someone has died. A really beautiful poem. I loved it. David

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Patti Masterman 09 February 2007

Oh my what a poem! You are a hidden treasure here at poemhunter. You have a magical writing style that's so unusual. An excellent, lovely poem.

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Diane Violet 06 February 2007

A beautiful poem Melvina...the scent of flowers or a visit in a dream...messages of comfort to let us know their still around. Wonderful much enjoyed! .......Diane

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David Darbyshire 03 February 2007

Hi Mel..'To let them know, the tears and sadness must end.' this is beautiful Mel...................read your words out load real nice....then smell the flowers darling...have a wonderful day dave xxxx

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Francesca Johnson 30 January 2007

This poem moved me to tears, Melvina. I, too, believe that the departed leave a little message for us, and this brings great comfort to those left behind. A positive poem, much enjoyed. Love, Fran xxx

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Sandra Fowler 29 January 2007

What a beautiful, comforting poem. There may be flowers in Heaven that we have never seen here on the earth. I like what Tagore said about death, 'Death is not extinguishing the light. It is putting out the lamp because dawn has come'. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra

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