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(733) Bubbleistic Future

Rating: 3.2

Cast away living in a bubble,
Ir orbit around an endangered earth.
Lost among the skyhawks of futuristic power..
I’m sworn to take an oath.

To move unseen through portholes in chase.
Where eyes of an eagle sore deep dark space.
I live my life far away from home.
Protected, without fear, in a bubble I roam.

Man crushed the evergreens of earth.
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David Darbyshire 15 June 2007

Melvina where yah goin friend...don't leave yet don't give up darling..nice write waker-upper..so how big is this Bubble and is the a safty factor? hahaha nice one Dave xxx

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Asma Bahrainwala 13 June 2007

you paint yet another grim picture of our 'bubbleistic future'... its indeed very thought-provoking... i like the poem's title too... Asma...

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David Harris 10 June 2007

Melvina, not a pretty picture that you paint here. The erosion of our green planet is not a pretty one. We can only hope that the powers to be wake up and see what's being done before its too late. They make so many false promises with blinkers on. One day they will wake up and see what they have done, hopefully it will be soon. Top Marks my friend. Thanks for sharing it. David

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A bleak outlook Melvina.. But i think we can turn it around and save our beautiful home, lets face it its the only one we have...10

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JoAnn McGrath 08 June 2007

now this one I don't want to go too.......It's a sad commentary on the world and were it is heading...but well penned

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