*803 Turquoise Birthstone Of December Poem by John Knight

*803 Turquoise Birthstone Of December

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Just to remind PHS - who are interested in Poetic Structure - that this is a Symmetrical Poem - an Octameter - Octrain Eight syllables and eight lines. This produces a very fluid free verse form that is easy to read and recite. All TWELVE Birthstone Poems have the same structure. The last verse is always a PALINDROME using the first line of each verse.

Turquoise - crystal form triclinic
Perfect texture - sky blue colour
Revered by the Aztecs and the Myans
Loved by the Apache Hunters
Tuirkish horsemen called it sacred
Protecting both the horse and rider
Verses form Koran carved on it
Turquoise - crystal form triclinic.

Turquiose - Lovely Ladies dreamstone
Lovely both to wear and fondle
Gemstone loved by all Victorians
Turquoise symbol of life's cycles
Birth to Life and then to Heaven
It changes colour as it ages!
Mirroring all our life's stages
Turquoise - Lovely Ladies dreamstone.

Turquoise - birthstone for Decemeber
Linked to star sign Sagitarius
Bringing happiness and fortune
Creativity and blessing
To the lives of all who wear her.
Gentle gemstone - tactile Turquoise
Shining with the Blue of Heaven
Turquoise - birthstone of December.

Sky Blue - Ice Blue - awesome turquoise
Turquoise - crystal form triclinic
Turquoise - Lovely Ladies dreamstone
Turquoise - birthstone for December
December for birthstone - Turquoise
Dreamstone Ladies Lovely - Turquoise
Triclinic form crystal - Turquoise
Turquoise awesome - Blue Ice - Blue Sky.

This poem is dedicated to the Angel of December.

(John Knight - Cool Colchester - 26 January 2010)

Brian Jani 16 May 2014

Mr knight Amazing showcase of poetry, keep it up

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 31 January 2010

a heavy poem in term of Meaning! ! ! so informative. 10+++ ThanksForSharingSuchInformation/

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Marieta Maglas 29 January 2010

Creativity and blessing interesting and very educative poem, lovely to read 10/10

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