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(912) A Spiritual Experience-Not My Time

Rating: 3.1

Just past midnight in a hospital room
Tired, weak wondering if my time was coming soon.
Afraid to close my eyes for fear I would not wake
My nurse gave me pills of which I would not take.

I was so ill, couldn’t keep anything down.
The Mormon’s came and gathered around.
When asked if I would accept a blessing,
I accepted with no hesitation.

Later that evening I fell off to sleep.
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Patricia Gale 25 November 2006

Thank you for sharing this experience, well penned

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David Harris 23 February 2007

Melvina, from a friend in a far off land I'm so glad it wasn't your time. I loved every line you have written here. What a loss it would have been if you had gone. The way you say things are so clear. This is a beautiful piece. Thanks so much for sharing it. David

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Aj Cliff 07 December 2006

WOW... That is excellant i love the spiritual meaning behind it, once again well done

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Suzan Gumush 04 December 2006

This experience is mutual I can relate to that. A wonderful verse full of spiritual healing. Best wishes suzan

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Will Barber 03 December 2006

A wonderful description of the cusp of life and death. It contains great truth - and a significant lesson. What is our time - except this moment? Where does the time go? I do not know.

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Sandra Fowler 29 November 2006

What a wonderful spirfitual experience! It will live forever in the landscpes of your mind.Your faith reaches out like a light to guide and inspire your readers to think of higher things. Thank you, Melvina. Kindest regards, Sandra

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