(a) 15 (Love/Passion) An Appearance Of Thee Poem by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

(a) 15 (Love/Passion) An Appearance Of Thee

Rating: 3.5

Whilst riding on the phantoms of my musings
I came across thee and I thought
Are you a reflection of my soul
Are you the reverbration of my drum
Are you the truth that will make me whole
Are you the song that I will hum
throught the night and the next
till I am blessed
with an appearance of thee
infront of me
elevating me
uplifting me
taking me
from finite to infinite
from consciousness to unconsciousness
from earth to heaven
from water to vapor
from darkness to light
from wrong to right
from hell to heaven
from here to oblivion
where only two souls exist
yours and mine
and we revel in it
we dwell in it
we bask in it
we shine
whre you are mine
where we are lost
in just each othere
nothing else exists
where its bliss
where we are blessed
where we can rest
in the light of each other
where there is no other
than you and me
me and you
phew! !

Duncan Wyllie 17 September 2006

Lovely words, running away with you there, Thankyou for the sentiments Love duncan X

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 07 September 2006

T. O....Reflections of time, love & spirit....all priceless, virtuous commodities & all so well expressed by you, my dear...Brilliantly delivered''''''''''''''''''fjr

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