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A Balloon Message

Rating: 4.9

A balloon slowly descended toward the ground.
Before touching down, its string tangled around.
On a low tree branch… it could no longer float.
Attached to the balloon was a neatly written note.

A farmer lady walked steadily toward the location.
Her path followed a routine of daily exploration.
Today, the stroll would become uniquely changed.
A withering balloon beckoned and rearranged.

The farmer lady saw the unusual ornament hanging.
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Tracker Ogryphon 25 February 2008

A touching poem between an elderly ladie and children. It is always a marval when you requests get answered and I am sure they loved every word. I did. Thanks Tracker

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Ben Gieske 18 July 2007

Life is like that - sometimes we need just a nudge to communicate or, as in this case, to do something that we have never done before. This is proof that we should not abandon the old ways of communicating and, also, be imaginative in our methods. We don't always need the expensive kind. I am glad that you chose to write this in the same tone as would be expected of a farm lady who hardly ever writes and of school children. The character of the poem matches its realness.

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JoAnn McGrath 18 July 2007

Awe T........that just put a smile on my face and warmed my heart......what a great way to start my day.....thanks I needed that, , , , , : O)

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shalu 27 August 2019

jagan lah eyda

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Walterrean Salley 12 August 2012

Enjoyed this little story with such great significance. How blessed the little farm lady. And how fortunate the school children.

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Wayne Bowen 17 January 2010

I really enjoyed the 'Balloon: ' message. What a great story. I could not stop reading it! You are talented and know how to make words come alive!

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DELETED NOW 18 June 2008

that's so happy it made my heart smile. have u heard of bottle messeges?

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Ben Gieske 25 February 2008

Therese, just think. You're poems are balloons travelling beyond many boundaries and to countries even far away. This makes me happy because your messages are so worth while - songs blowing in the breezes, inspiring others to write their lives in another way.

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