A Beginning, An End?

Rating: 4.1

a beginning, an end
tell me where it is
so that i can hang my mind
at either end
like the clothe on a hanger
in the wardrobe

Jasbir Chatterjee 04 November 2006

I really liked the 'simile of cloth on a hanger in the wardrobe.' But why do you wish to hang your mind? I am curious to know.

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David Desantis 26 April 2008

beautiful and powerful in only a few lines. I've felt like this in relationships, and can totally relate. Not knowing or being in indecision is the worst

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Marvin Brato 08 April 2008

Its more challenging to venture in between the beginning and an end, is it not where the actions are? Though provoking poem, simply deep thought! A 10 for me!

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Ben Gieske 08 October 2007

Very philosophical and intriguing to think about. Questions, questions, but why ask. You can hand your clothing without knowing where the beginning or ending is. Just jump in, do it. Hmm? What is 'hang my mind' all about?

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Ivor Hogg 03 October 2007

Perhaps my friend there is no begiinning and no end just a nvere ending succession of lives in which we progress ever upwards

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This poem speaks to me on many levels. I like the search for comfort in defining which is beginning and which is end.

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