A Bird Flies Beyond The Sky Poem by nimal dunuhinga

A Bird Flies Beyond The Sky

Rating: 3.0

This rare bird tells of its encounter
When the Telescopic man gossips;
'I found nothing but emptiness
And I was breathless
Then I *flew downwards.'

* The bird used that instead of declining it seems.

Sandra Fowler 07 May 2009

The impossible dream of flying beyond the sky. Only those who are in touch with infinity can do that. Fascinating write. Warm regards, Sandra

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Alison Cassidy 08 May 2009

A paradoxical piece about 'venturing where no man has gone before'. Your creative imagination is in fine form today, Nimal. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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'I found nothing but emptiness And I was breathless Then I *flew downwards.'... simply holloness inthe sky.... only beautiful in description... good write...

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Heather Wilkins 26 July 2013

a good write Nimal enjoyed the read

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Sally Plumb Plumb 21 June 2010

Would that have been free fall?

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Ken E Hall 28 February 2010

High in the sky to find empty space same as the other end of the telescope, we should note.... regards

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John Oconnell 14 February 2010

short and deep. i like that. thanks. john

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Ben Gieske 17 December 2009

Great. A new perspective of viewing ourselves. This opens up a new world of exploration.

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nimal dunuhinga

nimal dunuhinga

kalubovila East, Sri Lanka
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