A Broken Heart Poem by Juan Olivarez

A Broken Heart

Rating: 5.0

I've been in the desert for so long now,
I've missed my home and my only friend.
And now I sit here, asking myself how,
My heart can break, as my days here end.

I've fallen in love for the last time in my life,
With the desert and mountains I see every day.
To this desolate land where I followed my wife,
Now a little voice close to my heart, asks me to stay.

How can my soul be so torn in two?
Why oh Lord do I have to choose?
My grand son's eyes plead with me true,
And inside my heart I feel the bruise.

Oh that my soul could be taken apart,
Leaving pieces for the places and people I love.
For the sights and the little ones in my heart,
I plead to the Lord, for help from above.

Fourteen years ago my son left my home,
To become a marine, because he wanted to serve.
And now I must leave him and his little clones,
But I lack his strength, and his unerring nerve.

My only solace, is that someday,
I can come back to this country so fair.
Somehow, somewhere, there must be a way,
To be with the ones, for whom I care.

This broken heart, will have to mend,
This soul so ravaged, must soar again,
I must be strong, this is'nt the end,
I must smile, act happy, pretend there is no pain.

5/24/10 29 palms ca.

Lynn Glover 24 June 2010

I know with this kind of faith that someday you shall return. Again I am glad you invited me to read your work, it is good and I really enjoy reading it. Thanks, Lynn

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 18 November 2010

Amazing faith is shown between the lines. This is a true poem having a lot of depth and wisdom. Nice and incredible write.

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Wendy Thopliss 22 November 2010

Hi Juan, Such a lovely poem, but only you can write the last line.search in your heart and i'm sure you will find it. Best wishes Wendy x x

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 18 February 2011

i like the torn part of this poem, because you see, when we fall in love unexpectedly to a new place we hurt when we leave though we know that where we are bound to is our home.

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SOMNATH VERMA 17 March 2011

very beautiful lines sir.... I like ur poems very much.....

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Susan Lacovara 24 October 2013

Heartbreakingly beautiful...with the colorful hues of your words, my mind's eye gets the picture....well done...

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Heather Wilkins 25 July 2013

a good poem. keep the faith.

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Patricia Grantham 23 February 2013

Hello Juan, How can you mend a broken heart? A real heart touching poem. Appreciate the write. I invite you to read my collection of poems and comment if you like.

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Mohammad Muzzammil 02 May 2011

It is a very fine art by you that expresses your sorrow along with revealing your faith in a handsome style. The language is simple and lines are delicious because of rhymes.

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Ken E Hall 21 April 2011

There is a place somewhere for everyone be it desert or the mountains for a broken heart to rest...nice poem of feelings to read...regards

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