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A Child’s Masterpiece (Children)

Rating: 4.7

Today I found a can of paint.
The paintbrush was there, too.
Mommy must have left it
when her painting was all through.

It was such a pretty color,
I learned you call it 'red'.
It made me think of pretty things
that same color in my head.

I painted rainbows from the sky,
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John Kay 08 January 2006

Another masterpiece of the genre.

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Rusty Daily 08 January 2006

Another slice of a child's life painted in Rockwellian fashion as only you can do

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Ernestine Northover 08 January 2006

Adorable CJ, a lovely sweet poem and a lovely read. Thank you for writing it. Love Ernestine XXX

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Slimboydim . 08 January 2006

I have a picture in my mind with paint everywhere! ! Great fun, love your childrens work. Kindest Regards Slim. x.

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Ahhh childhood graffiti- -do parents appreciate artwork...well show them how to paint on cardboard or frescoes will show up all over the house...I love your poetry because your poems reflect modern life...

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Adrija Dey 09 June 2006

great work............from this work we can easily realise that there is a child in all of us and every once in a while it peeps out and makes us realise that we are still the same............Happy writing

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Scarlett Treat 01 February 2006

Here's my bone of contention with poetry - why do things always have to mean something else? ? Why can they not just mean what they say? ? Anyone who has ever had a child escape the watchful eye and paint rainbows on the walls will recognize this very thing in this poem. The mother's laughter is what perfects this poem! Linda

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Chuck Audette 09 January 2006

Quite enjoyable. Was there a political theme in there as well (red states vs blue states) ? -chuck

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Shannon Chapel 08 January 2006

Once again a fabulous example of children's poetry at its finest. Shannon xoxo

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