A Collectors World Poem by sylvia spencer

A Collectors World

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Some people have a problem, one that can take it's toll.
To them it's like an addiction, totally out of control
These people that I write about, are just like magpie's
but they are also cunning and very wise
They walk into peoples houses, with their eyes on what they got
and before you know it, they have bought the bloody lot.
They go to the market with less than a fiver to spend,
then if they see a bargain, they ponce the money from a friend.
They think they are clever, when they haggle with the vendors,
but money ain't nothing to the last of The Big Spenders.
I have learnt from my experience what collecting
does to the brain. you spend your life searching
and it almost drives you insane.
Off you go to an auction with anticipation at hand,
then you're out bidded by the best dealer in the land.
A collectors world can be fun,
if you know where to buy the goods,
but I am an old fool who is still trying to find,
a way out of the woods.

Duncan Wyllie 28 May 2006

Old fool you are not, but collector of visual poems you are, brilliant little gem and before anyone asks, IT'S PRICELESS! Love Duncan X

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Melvina Germain 04 September 2006

Oh my gosh, do you know me, that's me. A big old collector, I'm staying away from auctions, flea markets, thrift stores and the lot. No more for me, until I have that big garage sale of my own. I love this poem---Melvina

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Patricia Gale 04 June 2006

The best collection is the peace found in the woods. So may I say, not foolish at all. Lovely write with insight from one who collects here thoughts on paper! Patricia Gale

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Sid John Gardner. 31 May 2006

Hi Sylvie. I collect tin soldiers.I too am smitten by the collector bug.PS got any Elastoline pre WW2 Deutche Soldaten! ! ! .Give you a good price. All the best - Sid John.

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Ernestine Northover 29 May 2006

Great write sylvia, I know what this is like, it can certainly take over your life. Love Ernestine XXX

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Lisa Wilkinson 28 May 2006

Love this one Sylv, made me smile. Email me soon. Like to know how youre getting on.x

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