A Conscientious Clock Poem by sylvia spencer

A Conscientious Clock

Rating: 5.0

He sits on the mantelpiece all fat and round
striking on the hour to a chiming sound.
With roman numerals and an antiquated face
ticking all day long at the same natural pace.
Striking at midnight to tell you a new day has begun;
then again every hour till the day is done.
It has a door at the back that's not very wide;
where a pendulum swings from side to side.
All it's works are packed neatly away,
so it can give you the right time of day.
It has a glass door that proctects it's face;
all packed up in a nice mahogany case.
It has a shine on it's woodwork that gleams like glass
and four little feet made of solid brass.
This conscientious clock will work all week long;
Providing it's wound up and doesn't go wrong
It has never been mended or had a spare part
and we have never had to shake it, to make it start.
This old clock, I knew was worth a mention
because it's sixty years old and time to draw a pension.

Sandra Fowler 21 April 2006

What a warm and charming tribute to a grand old clock. The sound of a ticking clock has always given me a very contented and secure feeling.10 for this one. Love, Sandra

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Duncan Wyllie 21 April 2006

This is a recipe for one of the most delicious poems I have ever read, So nostalgic and comforting, Love Duncan

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Joseph Daly 21 April 2006

Sylvia, I still find time for rhyme. This piece floats so woderfuly withough any trace of forcing the style. The subjectis unique and you treat it with a humourous eye.

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Alison Cassidy 27 November 2006

What a charming poem about an obviously well-loved clock. Beautifully detailed description 'all fat and round' and the last line a sheer delight. love this one. Allie xxxx

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Mac Wilkey 16 November 2006

Very well done. So much of the common place is just waiting for the right poet to contemplate it. Mac Wilkey

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Ernestine Northover 06 June 2006

Delightful read, Sylvia, and perfect in every way. Love Ernestine XXX

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Deanna More 23 May 2006

.. Oh, you sing the praises of old Mr. 'tick tock! '- very well. Great title for a very enjoyable poem! Sylvia, you are certainly gifted with a Poetic Eye and an abundance of Divine Talent to be able to capture what you SEE onto a paper canvass. You do...Poetically Impress! Deanna xx ..

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Brian Dorn 23 April 2006

A rhyme with a chime! ! Beautifully done with a cute ending! Brian

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