A Confer With Life Poem by sania harris

A Confer With Life

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One day life asked me
What I was doing in this world
If not to love or to pass on strength
Then why, o son of Adam, you live?

Waking up from a vague dream
I looked upon life and answered
I am here to have fun all day long
And to attain my dream, to gain success

With a giggle and a chuckle
Life sniggered and asked
If to attain your dream, why you sleep
Rouse, o son of Adam, rouse

Agitated from my sweet sleep
I glared at life and said
To dream, I fall into a long serene sleep
And then I dream, I dream, I dream

Shocked or not, life looked alarmed at me
To dream, you sleep, I know
But to achieve you dream, wake up my boy
The outside sun awaits you

That day, life taught me a lesson
To achieve success, O son’s of Adam
Wake up from your dreams

DECEMBER 23,2008

Sebastine Humaemo 23 December 2008

many should wake up as you said...cos most of us think, just dreaming is enough to achieve our goals........sebastine...........10 for sure....

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very butiful...inscribed to the excellence of wrdz

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Subbaraman N V 06 January 2009

A great lesson taught/learnt! A nice write!

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Alison Cassidy 26 December 2008

What a delightful little story - with a wise moral too, like a fairy tale. You have composed your poem with a good feel for structure and form. Just one point - the title? Do you mean a conversation with life, perhaps, or a conference with life? Confer is a verb. Hope you don't mind my correcting you - because the poem is well worth it! Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Rita Hawkins 26 December 2008

you earned a 10 with this great poem.

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Stephanie Fiddy 25 December 2008

beautiful poem. You are the same age as I and I am amazed by your talent. Best of luck to you (10+++++++++++++) -stephanie

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Kesav Easwaran 25 December 2008

...'To dream, you sleep, I know But to achieve you dream, wake up my boy The outside sun awaits you'... beautiful philosophy in these lines, Sania...and great message too... you are talented well beyond your tender age...10

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