Daddy's Darling...Or Not Poem by sania harris

Daddy's Darling...Or Not

Rating: 5.0

A tear dropp fell today
From a childs innocent eyes
The reason, I know not
Might be of fear, terror and lies

A tear dropp fell today
Unnoticed and forgotten…
From her blue azure eyes
It lay silent, fear gripped

Usually tucked into bed
Happy, content, fully fed
Kissed and tenderly hugged
Memories remaining
And they are fading

Nothing‘s the same right now
Things changed, don’t know how
Her eyes are gripped in fear
Reason hidden beneath her tears

Her young body is frail
Her footprints leaving a trail
She wonders what has happened
Her daddy, he has changed

She is touched, not by love
Nowhere, she sees a peaceful dove
She is destroyed, by her trusted man
To breath, she tries, she can’t

Daddy’s darling has changed for worse
Daddy’s darling is gone
Daddy’s darling is bitterly cursed
Daddy’s darling, gone with the wind

A tear dropp falls from her eyes
Falls to the harsh ground
It rolls slowly down her cheeks
It breaks…! ! !
And the memories wash away

shygirl 93 19 November 2008

great job sania.keep writing

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Didier Kahungu 19 November 2008

interesting read! really hope it is not by personal experience. beautifully illustrated!

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Dr.Wardha Jawdat 18 November 2008

very moving glad you decided to share your work with me...this was the first time i recieved your write well...with pain in your many poets do....well done.

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Very nice i like how you put this poem.. Its very strong i like the words and the set up that you have used.. thank you so much for sharing..

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Caroline Weeks 16 November 2008

Sania - there's a very prominent streak of true emotion here, a red thread of pain and grief...beautiful write! Thanks for sharing.10 from me. Keep it up, Caroline

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anurag duggal 11 March 2009

well sania i dont know whether the poem is autobiographical or not i hope not but a lovely write shows how much you love ur dad :))

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Reshma Ramesh 01 December 2008

ohhhhhhhh such a sad lovely poem.......well penned

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Ravi Sathasivam 30 November 2008

Your poem is penned beautifully and very touchy too. Keep up.

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C.H. Seow 30 November 2008

a very touching poem, Sania...plz..keep on writing...u're a gifted one...and ur standard is beyond ur age...

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Riquetta Elliott 19 November 2008

This is really a good poem.

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