Beautifully Hurt Poem by sania harris

Beautifully Hurt

Rating: 5.0

You said you shall stay
The next moment you are gone
You tell me not to fray
And I wait till every dawn

Then it clicks me that you left me
Like a fool I sit and cry
I get down on my knee
And wish I would just die

I take whatever comes in my way
And fling it across the room
I get pleasure when it breaks
‘Coz I am broken and others should too

I stand in a corner and hit my head
My strength might break the wall
My bloods all gone and I feel so dead
I look up and scream “why? ”

Poems I pen and I write and I write
But nothing heals this freaking pain
I close all the curtains and sit in the dark
And smile as my pain slowly drains

Allan Macli Borges 27 January 2009

strong words for a strong poem. powerful and beautiful...10!

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Sebastine Humaemo 26 January 2009

lines penned with mixed emotions...........a complete combination of love, care mixed with depart n tears...........10+++ sebastine

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Sebastine Humaemo 26 January 2009

ahh Sania much poignant write.....such a painful lines, made me freezed for a sec.........te way yu ended the last line s awesome....lines with feelings straight from the heart.....10+++ sebastine

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Kesav Easwaran 26 January 2009

smiling out the pain...yes...that is the best way to heal a wound...especially a love wound...words beautifully expressive, Sania...nice write...10

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Fiona Davidson 25 January 2009

Good strong write Sania...well done...thank you

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Rachel Butler 19 September 2009

And smile as my pain slowly drains Rachel Ann Butler

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Sabrina Jubahar 06 February 2009

This 'beautifully hurt' is beautifully written..

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Muhammad Ali 05 February 2009

reading your poem down and enjoying, happy when it ended in a smile. very good

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Kassem Oude 02 February 2009

I like this poem, it reminds me my teenage. Very hard reaction and successful slow down.

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This is so strong a poem. I hope you don't really hit your head. Get pillows and get the pain and anger out this way. Excellent work! Karin Anderson

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