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My Secret Crush

Rating: 4.7

I think about you everyday
I plan out what to say
You have no idea, you have no clue
Just how much I think about you
I try not to stare, I try not to hide
I try not to show that I have always lied
If I had told you before
Perhaps you might not be the same
I want to tell you how I feel
But the voices inside makes me hush

So I keep it down inside my heart
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Jeronica Alston 08 October 2008

This is a very nice poem

8 2 Reply
Shane Clift 09 June 2008

Been there! find the courage and tell them.

5 4 Reply
O Anna Niemus 09 June 2008

may God fill the desires of your heart this is a beautiful poem

8 1 Reply
Chocolate Bunny 09 June 2008

This is a great poem. I have felt that way before. But if this is true and not just a poem you'll only know unless you tell that person how you truly feel. Best of luck keep Writing -CB

4 3 Reply
Kshyatima 30 June 2020

This poem is love I love it

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Aryan 31 March 2019

Woah this is a great poem

1 0 Reply
Maggi 23 November 2018

Lovely poem

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Briana 11 February 2018

Thanks you gave me the poem for my secret admirer letter to a boy named Quitin

3 1 Reply
Pamela Lutwyche 11 October 2008

This is a lovely poem, written very well. A secret crush so many people could relate too. You have put a lot into a few words. Very very well done. Keep writing.

13 3 Reply