sania harris Poems

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Today My Mother Died

Today my mother died
Silently without a sign
Never inkling about her sadness
Even though we filled her with madness

The Moment (Barack Hussain Obama’s Inauguration)

The moment of Obama’s inauguration
Was a fluke of fate written for the nation

It was a moment to be cherished

My Secret Crush

I think about you everyday
I plan out what to say
You have no idea, you have no clue
Just how much I think about you

Watching Her Daddy Come

The cherry wind stroke her face
Shuffling her locks aside
With a beaming smile she sat awake
To watch her daddy come

Silently She Cries

She sat near the white roses
Petals fallen on her hair
Tied in golden locks
Agitated by the air

Daddy's Darling...Or Not

A tear dropp fell today
From a childs innocent eyes
The reason, I know not
Might be of fear, terror and lies

Farewell, Dear Teacher

For some, you may be the candle
But for me, you are the light
That showed me how to handle
Even the daunting without fright

Beautifully Hurt

You said you shall stay
The next moment you are gone
You tell me not to fray
And I wait till every dawn

My School Principal

The creak of his shoes can be heard in a mile
This sound, it fades all the smiles
Silence will sprout from the deep underground
Everyone will hide so as not to be found

A Place Called Home

Today, I visited a place
A place they called home
No spot of deface
It was perfect in this loam

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