A Date For Your Diary Poem by sylvia spencer

A Date For Your Diary

Rating: 5.0

It happens on the night of halloween the night that witches
can be seen. The one and only night of the year that we like
to dress up in ghoulish gear. Kids can trick or treat before the
witching hour, then that fades into a far stronger power.
Over the moon and flying down to the ground comes many a
witch making that familiar sound. On broomstick they travel
with head held high, dressed in black as to blend in with the
midnight sky.
Down to the coven where they sit all, around the cauldron tight
as a wall. As kindling crackles sparks fly high, it's now you'll
hear the sound of the witches cry; 'hocus pocus' cackles and
screams come the making of spells over the firelight beams.
When the spells are complete they all give a loud cheer, to
celebrate this night the only one of the year.
Old hags who's ages multiply in scores, who have been around
since the Napoleonic Wars. some of their ancestors were burnt
at the stake but that's because they made a mistake.
As dawn draws closer then back they fly over that wide
open sky. with broomstick to sit on, black cat as a mate
they bid you farewell until the next 'Halloween Date!

Scarlett Treat 27 October 2006

Oh, aye! The dark side of the Moon - where witches gather for a TREAT! Black cats and cauldrons bubbling, throw in a bit of something to make the power Great. Well Done.

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Ernestine Northover 14 October 2006

Good scary eerie halloween story Sylvia, a great read, and spooky too. 'Hair of newt and eye of frog or Eye of newt and hair of dog or Hair of frog and eye of dog? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Well anyway, something like that.Ha! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Sandra Fowler 14 October 2006

What a charming Halloween tale! You are in perfect tune with October. Write on, Sylvia. Love, Sandra

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Francesca Johnson 14 October 2006

Loved this one, Sylvie. Not long to go before the Trick or Treaters start knocking at my door. But I prefer YOUR version, and will keep my eyes peeled for those black flying objects. If the cat next door tries to get in, I will shoo him away.....great writing, as usual. Love, Fran xxx

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Patricia Gale 14 October 2006

Fantastic write for the season, Loved it!

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