A Day At The Races Poem by sylvia spencer

A Day At The Races

Rating: 4.1

I'm going down to Epsom on this our Derby day
I've got lots of cash so I expect to make it pay.
I'm going to the bookies ive got a few pounds.
I've put money on the favourite, although it's up in
leaps and bounds.I've backed the chestnut brown
his name is Robin Hood, they say he likes to run when
the going is good.
When I go to 'The Oaks' I'm gonna back a filly
I've got a red hot tip called 'Scape Goat Milly '
she is a nice little filly that was bred in Dublin
if she gets past the start, I might have a win.
In a few weeks it's Ascot, so i'll back the royal nag
I might tell my friends about it, but they only think
I brag. I won't go in the enclosure because I know
i'll get barred because I can't back the fixture
without a credit card.
I've got a rank outsider it's my tip on Gold Cup day
maybe I would be taking chances, if I back the
dapple grey. I take a lot of chances when i'm of to back
a horse. Nine times out of ten they never stay the
course. I am going up to Liverpool my tipster says
it's good the horse won it's last race, when it was
out at Goodwood.He is running in the three o'clock
and goes by the name of Cookie.
He's sure to win by a length or two, because he ain't no rookie.
When I have a good day and pockets are full of pay
I hate to go home because the Nag takes it away.

Ernestine Northover 06 June 2006

Very well written Sylvia, a lovely picture provided here. I wrote one called The Races, which you might enjoy. Love Ernestine XXX

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Nick Percowycz 26 March 2006

Giddyup, giddyup. Damn that Nag! I too laughed at end knowing all my sure things are still at the track! You did it again Sylvia! A great poem- A ten! !

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Duncan Wyllie 26 March 2006

The fun of this! Wow! I love the way you tied it up at the end, I had to chuckle.Thankyou for the laughter.Love Duncan

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Scarlett Treat 26 March 2006

This is really funny, because how many times do you really come home with your pockets full. I like the view of the English race courses, I can see the horses running and smell the grass. Good write, Rosy Posy....Scarlett

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