A Day's Worth Of Cricket Poem by Suraj Samtani

A Day's Worth Of Cricket

Rating: 4.5

You came here

without a single fear.

On your way you brought your return-ticket,

but you better not lose your wicket.

There is only one match to be played,

So just hope there is no disturbance from any raid.

Win the toss,

& be the boss.

Or lose the toss,

& show off your gloss.

Be a bowler,

bowl it slower.

Be a batsman,

with a direct hit to heaven.

Disturb the clouds,

their anger all so aroused.

Bring on the covers,

& become lovers.

Love the match delay,

one that you've got without the obligation to pay.

Remember your spouse,

who's always watching you from her house.

Take her name,

& resume the game.

The target is nearing,

& so is the balls remaining.

Score that victorious six,

With emotions all so mixed.

With the game now over,

The crowd won't get any louder.

Appreciate them,

& place them at your success' strong stem.

Now its time to pack,

& take all those memories back.

Tell them to your friends,

In conversations that seem to have no ends.

Treasure that two-way ticket.

Keep it, conserve it, caress it.

robin 31 October 2018

its nice but i am now learning about cricket since it s the sport of my country

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Suraj Samtani 22 July 2011

Dear poet Liked your poem about cricket...Quite entertaining..I gave it a 10. With regards Abhay Vignesh

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Abhay Vignesh L 10 March 2011

Wow definitely an entertaining poem with a merry tone....Quite relevant nowasthe worldcup is going on.Keep up the good work...You are a great poet skilled in the art of usages...10+++

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Subroto Chatterjee 09 April 2009

Surajbabu, You know how Indians love cricket! This was a memorable poem. By the way, the word is 'lose', and not 'loose'. Cheers. Subroto.

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Usha Pisharody 08 March 2008

An entertaining read!

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