A December Wish Poem by Leo Yankevich

A December Wish

Rating: 3.3

You hear the sound of carols from afar.
Bright bulbs and tinsel, cinnamon and cloves.
Beyond a hill of snow you see a star.

Here you can look at stacks of Christmas trees,
buy nuts and raisins, fruit from nearby groves,
cards inscribed in gold: “joy, love and peace.”

And you can eat kielbasa from a spit
as fat drips sizzling in makeshift stoves
and zlotys are exchanged and butts are lit.

Here you can watch fat women slaughter fish
if you stand in the line and bear the shoves,
pretending that you really have a wish.

And for a moment you can close your eyes
and can forget the cold that pierces gloves
and see a diamond necklace in the skies,

or Jesu here among the city doves.

Brian Jani 16 May 2014

Leo Amazing showcase of poetry, keep it up

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Sandra Conner 10 November 2012

I really like this. Your imagery is so crisp. I came to your page to read your poems because of the recommendation of Dennis O'Brien (one of my favorite modern poets) , and I was not disappointed.

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Patricia Grantham 31 March 2014

Very nicely written. Enjoyed the words expressed. Thanks for sharing.

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C.R. Clark 11 February 2008

I love it. You paint very good pictures with your words. Thanks

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Cat Tiger 09 July 2009

From the only nation where Communism couldn't subdue Catholicism. Now, with this poem and John Paul II, Americans can understand why.

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Butch Decatoria 05 December 2018

Very lovely. Merry holidays and happy Xmas.

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Rajnish Manga 04 December 2018

The spirit of Christmas comes alive in this beautiful poem. Thanks, Leo.

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Anil Kumar Panda 04 December 2018

Great imagery indeed on the scenic beauty of December and approaching Christmas. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 04 December 2018

A marvelous tribute to natural manifestations in December along with approaching Christmas festivities. Thanks for sharing and Congrats on modern poem of the Day.

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Glen Kappy 04 December 2018

this is a nice poem with vivid descriptions all set in specific place and, being a cold wimp, i relate to the charm of the scene that makes us forget the cold that pierces our gloves (which in russia has got be worse than here in the high desert where i live) . -gk

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