A Departed Lover Poem by Uriah Hamilton

A Departed Lover

Rating: 5.0

I no longer recognize
The flowers of summer youth
That bloomed in the dawn of my innocence
When love was like sunlight
Gleaming on dewy petals.

Cherished kisses are forever gone
Like fading memories
That sink into the soft soil
Of freshly dug graves.

A departed lover
Never returns
But her spirit lingers
In ghost shadows
That consume me.

Tai Chi Italy 28 December 2007

Too true and it works both ways my friend! Gorgeous work as usual, may you merrily linger in a loving 2008, Tai

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Alison Cassidy 29 December 2007

You pen your regret with skill and music. Your words touch this reader's heart. love, Allie xxxx

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Magda Graf 30 December 2007

Sad and beautiful, a melancholy reminiscence of love and youth. I enjoyed reading your poem, Uriah.

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Jerry Hughes 16 November 2008

Wonderfully worded Uriah, but that's to be expected. Warmly, Jerry

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Reshma Ramesh 05 November 2008

hey your poems are all beautiful.........will be back for more

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Tai Chi Italy 13 July 2008

Ouch! This hurts, because it is so true to the days of our lives. she knows the feeling far too well, all we can hope for is a contentment in silver linings Uriah! Smiling because I have to, Tai

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Ron Flowers 01 July 2008

Very beautifully done.

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Sandra Fowler 03 January 2008

Love lives on in the landscapes of the mind. It is there that cherished memories shine like sunlight on any given day. Beautiful as always, Uriah, Warm regards, Sandra

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