A Dreamscape Of Love Poem by Uriah Hamilton

A Dreamscape Of Love

Rating: 4.3

I still find comfort
In the soft caress
Of the moonlight’s
Tender glow
And hear your voice
Crystal clear
Drifting gently
Through a seductive breeze.

And I still feel
Your lips upon my neck,
How you would even kiss
The beads of my rosary
In a resplendent prayer
For our eternity
In a dreamscape of love.

Some days and events
Never end
But carry us through
This life
That often feels
Like a city besieged
By dog armies
Of the insensitive and cruel.

And I’ll never forget
When your body was a part of mine.

Gainor Ventresco 06 August 2005

Uriah, this poem is so lovely..thank you

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 16 August 2005

Very romantic and sensual!

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David Gerardino 23 August 2005

very good................................the last line i did not like, kinda thru off the poem, but still very good...........................

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Kathy Anderson 25 August 2005

Not bad, very sweet and endearing words which I'm sure your Love appreciates.

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Victoria Hughes 28 September 2005

very sweet poem. speaks of a deeply missed lost love. V x

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Bell Song 24 June 2007

Your poetry is unforgettable.

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Michael Gale 14 October 2006

It's always the poems of undying love for another love of thy life that makes it to the greatest rated poems of all time. Everyone loves a poem of love. This poem is filled with such inTENse emotion. Great poem Uriah. God bless all poets-MJG.

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Pia Andersson 02 September 2006

Pure beauty and how do you comment on that? ...I love every line-Pia

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Will Barber 18 May 2006

This is entirely beautiful. I admire it very much. In painting there is a techniqe called chiaroscuro - you use it very well.

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Patricia Gale 02 March 2006

Heartfelt and written. Lovely Patricia

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