A Twisting Mental Knife Poem by Uriah Hamilton

A Twisting Mental Knife

Rating: 4.5

There is a twisting knife
In your disturbed unhappy mind,
Those who don’t understand you,
Tell you to pull it out,
Not presupposing you have
Been delicately trying for years!

The city of your childhood memories
Is so desolate and dark,
Even black clouds have departed the town,
Loved ones have let you down,
Fail to feel your pain
Or see the beauty
Of the emerging poet!

If I could loosen that knife
With romantic adoring hope,
I would hold your hand
Beneath a kaleidoscope
Of dancing rainbows,
But the answer is the love of self
That every day you’ll have to nurture!

Raynette Eitel 19 July 2005

This is sensitive and wise. II think it is Uriah at his best. Nice images, good finish. Raynette

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Joy Vanderhelm 04 December 2005

I don't know who this is for, but I hope they read it soon. It is filled with longing and real sentiment and caring. All things that have made you such a wonderful poet.

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Liz Munro 07 December 2005

loved the stanza 'love of self.' great poetry Liz

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Declan McHenry 07 December 2005

Another very insightful piece Uriah. You see the soul and the truth and give them both form.

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Duncan Wyllie 12 March 2006

Whoever has not felt true pain can only wonder at true happiness.You have a wonderful way of interpreting this.Love Duncan

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Lyn Paul 07 March 2015

Wonderful words expressed. So right you are, .... But the answer is the love of self

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The analogy is deeply appropriate, the expression of these dark feelings masterfully depicted and the end lines convey an absolute little-recognised truth. t x

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Will Barber 15 May 2006

This is a poem that speaks the truth of a time - of course, reading your other works, I see you've been to the mountain top - the experience is well worth the plunge off the cliff. In the darkness, one craves solitude. And, after all, you've extracted silver from the moonlight in this work. Thanks for the experience. A lovely poem. The knife is your friend.

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Emma Johnson 21 April 2006

Mental loneliness is the worst type. This a beautiful piece. Susie.

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Raynette Quel 02 April 2006

I really like this one. The imagery is clear to me.

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