Adoration Of The Feminine Poem by Uriah Hamilton

Adoration Of The Feminine

Rating: 5.0

In the valley of forbidden dreams,
I see my heart explode
At the feet of a Queen;
My pulse rate increases
At a merciless speed.
I’m more accustomed to shadows
Than lingering in exotic eyes
Where my soul undrapes
Every protective layer of disguise,
But I’m here on bended knees
In adoration for the feminine
Wanting to be the indebted servant
To the perfumed blouse,
To the soft lips of whispered secrets
And the enchanted kiss,
I lay wounded in ecstasy
And will disappear
Into the background of her mirror
As she brushes her shimmering hair.

Gina Onyemaechi 10 February 2006

Hey, Uriah, sing this beautiful, passionate, enrapturing piece of writing to Miss X and tell me if she doesn't let you make love to her on the spot! ! ! : -) Warmly, Gina.

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Sweet Seven 10 February 2006

ooooohhh... feel so great to be feminine and adored =P

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Mary Nagy 10 February 2006

I love the little pieces of what it is to be feminine that you capture in your poems....the perfumed blouses, the tinkling of bracelets etc. I love how you see the beauty so clearly. Sincerely, Mary

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Ivy Christou 10 February 2006

wow... any woman would love to be even half adored as you describe in this poem. great tribute to feminism! HBh

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 10 February 2006

So beautiful and flowing as if I'm in a dream.....Just to be touched and adored like that :)

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Austen Bradford 02 December 2006

I love every word, it's beautiful and well done

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Alison Cassidy 26 August 2006

Uriah, this one comes from the soul. Enchanting poem. Hearfelt. love, Allie xxxxxxxx

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Ebone' Ingram 19 August 2006

this one made me realize...that only a few men in life...know Queens when they see them. and you are one of those. i respect that very much. eni da kid

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This piece is, quite simply, magnificent. Heart-wrenching, too. t x

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Anna Russell 14 May 2006

Wow - there are still some good guys left! Where my soul undrapes is one of those wish I'd thought of that lines! Great stuff, really great stuff. Hugs Anna xxx

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