A Dog Is A Domestic Beast Poem by Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair

A Dog Is A Domestic Beast

Rating: 5.0

A Dog is a domestic beast
with two legs instead of four
Barks at strangers
and crouches down before dangers
Wags the tail and marks arrogant stance
For higher level patronage.
Eats dog-food
and supplement of vitamins and minerals
Some dogs are children's pet,
And some that of the ladies
No danger of progeny
For all are meticulously castrated.

Saturday, June 13, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: thankfulness
Dr Dillip K Swain 13 June 2020

A wonderful free verse dear sir! Appreciated.....10+++++

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Thank you dear Dr. Dillip. Domestic dogs we see are always committed to the cause of the family welfare of their masters and not even for their own personal cause. Wonderful slavery!

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Very nice to see a poem on dog. Yes! they do deserve a poem more than any other animal. Dogs are very faithful domestic animals. They are devoted to their masters. Dear Poet Parameswaran, i loved this poem. Thanks.....10

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Savita Tyagi 01 July 2020

Great satire towards free hoarders and lazy bummers!

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Kostas Lagos 21 June 2020

If there is an animal deserving a poem that is the faithful dog! Excellent poem

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Thank you very much dear poet. It's true that no animal except dog deserves consideration for a poetic theme

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 19 June 2020

A wonderful poem for the most loyal pet of men. Dogs are sometimes considered as family members by some because of their usefulness; their ability to protect their masters and great company. Their loyalty is beyond compare. A well crafted write.

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Thank you very much dear RMJ. All dogs we keep as domestic pets are seen loyal and grateful except those with two legs

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Valsa George 19 June 2020

I always feel that dogs are the most faithful creatures on Earth! Sometimes they are nasty, but always loyal and loving to their masters. Unfortunately most of the dogs are castrated, limiting their progeny. An interesting poem on a domestic pet!

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Thank you dear poetess for putting the words of appreciation even amidst a hectic schedule

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