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A Friend

Rating: 4.9

I have a friend I have never met,
Our words appear on the Internet…
We both love to write poetry.
Our lives have a unique symmetry.
Often there is a mysterious similarity
Between our lives in a parallel reality.
As we each read the others rhymes
There is an echo of passing times.
We visit the same kinds of tribulation
And have the same oneness of jubilation.

Each day that we communicate…
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Ivor Hogg 23 April 2007

It is quite strange to have friends you have never met but who form part of your circle of close friend I enjoyed your use of polysllabic words immensel.You write my kind of poetry

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Ben Gieske 07 April 2007

Thanks for the reminder: Our world has changed for the better in many ways. We shouldn't forget that there are many kinds of friends that we can have if we simply keep reaching out and touching each other in possible ways.

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JoAnn McGrath 07 April 2007

FRIEND you have a 10 in my book Thank you sooooooooo much Jugs of Hugs JoAnn

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Konjit Berhane 08 March 2008

hey this is a great poem... i love it and it is one of my fav....i give it beyond 10 koni

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Ivor Hogg 25 November 2007

I too have many friends I have never met and am not likely to meet on the net Who share my love of poetry I should be very proud to include you amongst them ivor

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Dr.subhendu Kar 30 July 2007

Beautiful one, i like it being a genial, cetainly you have expressed others..well penned

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Melvina Germain 19 May 2007

Lovely poem Theresa, lovely rhyme and flow. It's wonderful how we meet such good friends on PH, I too have many friends here and love communicating with them.--Melvina--

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Birds of the same feather flocks together. It is something like sympathetic vibration, mutual understanding and appreciation. Very rarely such friendship or combination of thoughts occur among the two on the internet or for that matter on this earth.

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