A Garden Army Poem by sylvia spencer

A Garden Army

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Come down to my garden and see the army
no my friends I have not gone barmy. They are
out in force dressed in red and black armour,
each and everyone a right little charmer.
There they go marching up the shrubs,
feeding off aphids and all sorts of grubs.
To us they are friendly and never a pest
they are enemies to the greenfly as well
as the rest. There they go again, on an
aphid attack with their red and black dots all
over their back. They are very voracious,
when it comes to their feed they will stop
at nothing until they have done their deed
They can munch up to fifty greenfly a day
so please be nice and put all the sprays
away. Lady Bird Lady Bird dont fly away
home, just come to my garden there's always
a welcome.

Francesca Johnson 11 May 2006

And to mine, Sylvia. Amazing that they can eat up to 50 a day! I know a man with that sort of appetite ha ha (take note SG) but I digress. Yes, keep those awful sprays away and let nature take a helping hand. Love, Fran xx

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Ernestine Northover 11 May 2006

Yes indeed Sylvia, I do hope they are not on the decline, as we need them more than ever. They are a marvellous insect, and delightful to watch. Love Ernestine XXX

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Melvina Germain 10 September 2006

hip, hip hooray for the ladybugs today, keep them safe and put the sprays away----Lovely poem Sylvia---Melvina

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Ernestine Northover 07 June 2006

Bless them! Trouble is they are getting scarce, and we still need them so much to combat the aphids etc., Well written piece. Love Ernestine XXX

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Duncan Wyllie 15 May 2006

Captivating, on with the march..............of your great style. Love Duncan X

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R H 13 May 2006

In priase of Ladybirds - an ode to our garden friends indeed! Lovely write Sylvia, Kind regards, Justine.

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Sandra Fowler 12 May 2006

Three cheers for the Lady Bugs, It is good that they have finally received their just due in a poem. Thanks for sharing, Sylvia Love, Sandra

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