A Sunbeam Poem by Jolanta Gradowicz

A Sunbeam

Rating: 5.0

A warm sunbeam touches my face,
I tilt my head and squint at the sky.
I’d like to spread my arms and embrace
The passing day which is about to die.

The mellow sunbeam is only mine,
And we belong to one another.
I marvel at the afternoon shine,
But I’ll soon be missing its glamour…

It seems impossible to say goodbye
To the ray which makes me so joyful.
Only the sunbeam is able to dry
Tears in my eyes. I’m again hopeful.

I can’t stop the dark clouds above
From covering the sun growing weak.
There is no help. Even my love
Is vain though I thought it was unique…

Atara Feildsofrainbows 23 January 2008

Very nice metaphor, I sometimes wish I could stop the sun from setting, but tomorrow is another day :)

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Sandra Fowler 02 September 2006

Beautiful, nostalgic grief. And yet the sun still shines somewhere just beyond the shadows. My applause for this one, Jolanta. Warmest regards, Sandra

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Robert E Mcintyre 02 September 2006

Been there, done that! Thank You!

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Steve Hagget 02 September 2006

A lovely poem, very well crafted and mournful in its way, steve

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Marilyn Shepperson 02 September 2006

Sad, but a brilliant poem and use of words.

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