A Helping Hand Poem by David Harris

A Helping Hand

Rating: 4.7

In the distance a lonely bell,
tolls a solemn beat,
for a weary stranger,
who has lost a foothold,
on life’s road that’s steep,
but with a helping hand,
he can get up to his feet again.

Whenever we feel troubled by life’s many toils,
and feel we have been beaten
beyond anyone’s repair,
exhausted by circumstances,
over which we have no control,
but know that with a helping hand
we could make another stand.

Therefore, on our life’s journey,
if we chance to meet a weary stranger
who could use a helping hand,
let us hold out ours,
to give him the strength to carry on.
In doing this kind deed,
he may return the favour in our time of need.

Duncan Wyllie 31 August 2007

This is something very special David, something that I hope many will read and take heed Love duncan X

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x... x... 31 August 2007

Perhaps you majored in Psychology and know how down trodden one can be at times and perhaps that one, just one smile or hand as you say, could save them. So very well written and ever so true. Now, perhaps you could solve world peace or at least peace here.~~~~marci.xo~~~ :)

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Uloia Norris Moore 31 August 2007

Solem and true the tune of the soul hand held out in time of need with out said such of no worth rings out muchless be called a human being.

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JoAnn McGrath 31 August 2007

you've reach out so many hands....and they are coming back to you...so true are your words too

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Alison Cassidy 08 September 2007

A twenty first century parable told with gentleness and truth. Wise words from a wise man. love, Allie xxxx

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Melvina Germain 05 September 2007

I agree with my friend Shelley, it is so important to give a helping hand whenever possible. It's good for them and good for you, so everything you say in this lovely poem is absolutely true David. Excellent once again and of course worthy of a (10) .--Melvina--

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 04 September 2007

Great lesson taught in this poem on how important it is to be there for others.Simplicity, beauty and truth in your words David! ! I enjoyed this read very much and I thank you so much for sharing! Hope your doing well..........Have aGreat1! As one of my favorite lyrics to a song says...'Were here to Love.........' Top of the line poem....... =Shelley=

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 01 September 2007

Simple Lesson of life, give love and you will get so much back in return...10

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Theodora Onken 31 August 2007

Beauty in the truth of your words! More need to reach out! Blessings, Theo

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