A Hymn To The Human Mind Poem by Y Sunita Devi

A Hymn To The Human Mind

Rating: 4.8

Wonderful of all things,
is the human mind.
Destiny of man,
is made or destroyed by the human mind.

Mind is beautiful,
mind is strength,
mind is the working tool of all sages,
of all times coming in it way.

So singing a hymn to the human mind
which will bring eternal peace to mankind! ! !


William Jackson 28 November 2008

Thought provoking poem. The mind is a fantastic entity, and it is sad to think that it ends with the grave.

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Sebastine Humaemo 12 December 2008

much true....winnie because of your mind, you pennin down these poetic lines....lol.......regards sebastine..........

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Th human mind is a creator of so much. Singing a hymn would be a very creative way of directing the mind to a higher vibration to bring a more positive Light for humanity. Lovely Winnie. 10

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Zachary Clark 20 September 2009

This was a strong piece the human mind is the most powerful force on the planet. Though reread it and edit it yourself you have 2 grammatic errors see if you can find them.

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Ron Flowers 23 June 2009

A very good poem, Winnie. I look forward to reading more. Ron

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Aashish Ameya 03 April 2009

true, but you know human mind is most dangerous weapon...

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Allan Macli Borges 21 March 2009

i like the theme and the way you worked it. nice to read and think about. regards.

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