A Knight In Shining Armour Poem by sylvia spencer

A Knight In Shining Armour

Rating: 5.0

An old brass Knight sits upon a shelf
He has no companion only himself.
His shield is the proud owner of the
Fleur De Lys, but I wonder in real life
if that Knight came in peace. He stands
so upright with sword in hand, and his
helmet pulled down. Could this be the
replacer of someone who once fought
for a conquering crown. This Knight in
armour is not very tall and sometimes
when the door slams he may just fall;
yet what he wears is a symbol of war
fighting in a battle on a far away shore.
This small brass figure who has a date
on his bottom, maybe he is telling us
something that we have forgotten. This
Knight in shining armour was once a
Norman king, so I keep him brightly
polished so he shines above everything.
His price was trivial but I never bought him
to flatter, it's what he represents is the
heart of the matter.

Dee Daffodil 11 September 2006

What a lovely poem about a special treasure that you've found! Hugs, Dee

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Duncan Wyllie 18 June 2006

You have a wonderful way of making the seemingly small things, shine so brightly Love Duncan X

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Lisa Wilkinson 05 June 2006

This reminds me of my Knight in shining armour sylvie. A great poem.10/10

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Ernestine Northover 05 June 2006

A medieval tale. Nice write, full of lovely images of ancient times. Love Erenstine XXX

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Sandra Fowler 05 June 2006

Very touching and nostalgic. I think I would cherish him too. Love from your spiritual sister, Sandra

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