A Kitchen Lament Poem by sylvia spencer

A Kitchen Lament

Rating: 5.0

Why does the fly create so much havoc
when he is just passing his time away
He comes through your window looking
for food, how can he be so rude. He takes
no notice of what he is about to do, he doesn't
even know, he has just a visited your loo.
He has spent time on the tiles and in the pan
trying his hardest to keep away from the fan.
Dirty old fly please go away, now you know you
don't like that strong scented spray.You dodge about
when I use the swott and many a time I've caught you
on the bott. You keep coming back no matter how I
try you must be invincible, you dirty old fly.
One day I will catch you when your not looking
so please keep way from all that nice cooking
The foods not for you it's for our guests
because we don't serve food to vermin or pests.

Bill Grace 27 April 2006

Sylvia, Thank you for the nice chuckle to start the day in Texas. Bill Grace

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Sandra Fowler 27 April 2006

Very amusing poem, Sylvia. Thank you for making me smile. Love, Sandra

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Dee Daffodil 11 September 2006

LOL....This one is a hoot Sylvia...I love it..but not the fly! ! Hugs, dee

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Ernestine Northover 07 June 2006

It's certainly horrible when you see them alight on your meat, or dessert. Yucks! I go ballistic trying to capture them. Great energetic poem. Love Ernestine XXX

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Duncan Wyllie 15 May 2006

Then I will have to go hungry for a while Put away the spray, let the fly live another day Great fun here Love Duncan X

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A really entertaining read and well-put-together - and inspired subject matter! Poetry about the little things.... grand.

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Nicola Burkett 30 April 2006

A very funny poem, i like the way you portray everyday images in your work. Very original, very funny. You get top marks from me Sincerely Nickie x x

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