Ablaze Poem by krissi b'williams


Rating: 3.7

tis 1 memory, i shall never surrender
it will be a history i shall always remember
what the cupid of love
from far above
and the fates, that longed the debate
were about to bestow
onto us
a love to endear, a love to trust
a love resistant to die
and 4ever grow
into the hearts of you and i

i promise you this, as long as i live
with every breath i take and give
i shall never 4get, the day that we met
as i stood there on the ground
as the sun was setting down
into a picturous sunset
as you were walking, trying to get
nearer to the balcony's ledge
and without a word being said, our hearts were talking
ears deaf to what was being said

as you walked upon the balcony's landing, the pull between us was so demanding
my eyes were ablaze, as i looked up at your face
my heart quickened, my pulse ran, as it began
to race, at love's 1st taste
never shall i let this moment go to waste
it was now or never, we had to make haste

couldnt be subtle, with ablazed eyes
there was no signs of trouble, as i
saw them speak
wanting and commanding
i was so weak
as i could see
them, your eyes, so vibrantly alive
as we stood there captured in time
enraptured bliss of your heart and mine
as you stood there, staring at me
locked face to face....
a sight to behold til eternity

moribund love 21 October 2009

this is surely a warm and heart felt piece.10+

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Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

a gorgeous insightful poem about the epic of true love..10s

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Chitra - 30 November 2009

indelible memory...of true love...so much lost and gained for it! ! well written

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Krista'lyntinia Lancelaotti 27 November 2009

our hearts truly become engulfed in a blaze of flames when true luv is found

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Eyan Desir 23 October 2009

Nice composition fill with love

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Such a passionate poem krissi and I can see you have put your heart and soul into it. I felt compelled to read it right to the end and admire your honesty. 10 love Karin

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