A Letter For You Poem by Bernard Snyder

A Letter For You

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Today I found myself reflecting on the very first time you and I met. It gave me a reason to smile. I smiled not just because I was overwhelmed by your beauty, but equally impressive was the eloquence in which you spoke. You were like sunshine on a rainy day. You lit my inner self and gave me a sense of acknowledgment that angels do walk on earth. I didn't always believe in earth angels, but I always knew God has a way of allowing us to meet people that would give us a sense of intrigue, hope, and admiration. I find all of this in you. Contrary to popular belief, it is said that men don't usually pay attention to things. Well, maybe I am unique. Because as you slowly walked away, I noticed your not-in-any-rush pace, the rhythm in each step you took, I visibly measured your body measurements to a tee, I even tried to count every strand of hair on your eyebrows. However, my purpose wasn't to prove anyone wrong, but to grasp the confirmation that whenever someone encounters another as beautiful as you, finding the appropriate words to say would be easy. I'd like to seal this letter with a sense of hope. Hope that the world find you as attractive as I have. And if by chance this doesn't happen, it would give me hope that you may have been created just for me!

La Donna 13 May 2020

You can make a woman swoon, and sigh heavy, but you are Bernard Snyder. I expect no less. The world must know you!

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Chinedu Dike 03 July 2019

Well expressed thoughts and feelings. A beautiful love poem nicely crafted from the heart. Lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing, Bernard.

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Regina Weaver 14 June 2017

Thanks for sharing. Such a beautiful letter. Never knew about this website.

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