A Living Dead Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

A Living Dead

Rating: 4.6

I am considered as living dead
No desire to be assertive and in position to lead
I am moving in public and looked healthy
I am in strong position and considered wealthy too

I have stable position and earned good fame
I don’t know how but any how it came
I made it easy by remaining aloof
Any one can see it as clear proof

Yes deserve to be good human being
You should be determined and willing
Nothing can prevent you for doing so
If whole heartily you prefer and go

What is use of leading an aimless venture?
If it has no energetic thrust for future
Something has got to be done for its success
Life should be like an open page and allow the access

If in life if you have something to offer
People may accept it gladly and not differ
It is how you present your self in their eyes
There won’t be left any if, buts and why

I lacked complete will to usher in open domain
It wasn’t my way of doing and exclusively remains
A stigma or tendency to be away on selfish ground
A parallel which can never be easily understood or found

I am taking fresh air but leave it with pollution
Rudderless direction sans a strong resolution
Not willing to offer any thing of kind gesture
Have nourished nothing of that sort for sure

I shall continue to live in uncertainty
I have failed to understand its complete utility
I am no less than any selfish creature
I still live out of harmony for the future

There may be many more that may be same
I feel no guilty for being and feel the shame
I feel the purpose of being in this world as different
All my moves lead to the direction and seen as apparent

I shall see it as no draw back
As I consider myself very frank
It is great things to admit the lapses
With my being as exception nothing is going to collapse

Someone one may come forward and fulfill the mission
I consider it as greatest asset if you openly go for its admission
Not all the persons can deliver heroic performance
One look inwardly and have little glance

Life is glorious mission to be lively fully
I full realize it but can’t participate wholly
I have countless flaws and fears within
How far I can survive and long remains to be seen?

Rajaram Ramachandran 20 April 2010

A self introspection more on the poor quality of life lead and a positive outlook for a future expected as a result thereof, are well brought out in this fairly long poem.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 20 April 2010

A long fine poem; 'Yes you cannot die until you die.'

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Prashant Shaurya 21 April 2010

the contents fairly justify the poem's size sir.. and every paragraph forces the reader to read the next.. and also that you have been able to bring out everything you wanted to.. a brilliant piece.. 10+++ certainly... regards prashant

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Yll L 21 April 2010

living dead one should not feel life is what we make it and more than anything we should struggle and fight to move forward then... nice theme...

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Kunwar Patel 30 September 2010

I have stable position and earned good fame I don’t know how but any how it came I made it easy by remaining aloof

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loNeLY AnGel 01 June 2010

nice poem i must say this is very welled penned

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Erica Santana 02 May 2010

Yes it is a long poem great job

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Alexander Mcguire 27 April 2010

i loved it thnx for the suggestion your the living dead still trying to grasp the whole meaning in my head but still well worth the read

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D H 22 April 2010

We shall not feel dead in life, yet in near death we are alive and running. Long poem I care to re-read every paragraph is focused on the topic makes me want to go further. Great Poem

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