A Lottery....A Man....Endless Ending. Poem by kafil uddin raihan.

A Lottery....A Man....Endless Ending.

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He could never imagine of this,
Four million taka all on a sudden,
He bought the ticket unintentionally,
He never believed on luck,
But this time he has been astonished.
How could he express his joy!

Not more than few hours ago,
He was thinking of boring life,
Wasted soles were smiling at him,
The struggle for a job,
He was tired and restless,
But at suddenly he has been millionaire,
What a game of life!

An hour ago he has lost everything,
The ticket is lost in the bus,
While he was coming home,
Someone picked his pocket,
He is now a dumb scarecrow,
A fake fear for the sorrows,
A false dream of joy and happiness,
What an irony of fate!

His wife noted the serial number,
It is the only proof for him,
But no proof for others of the society.
He looked at the serial number,
Both on the newspaper and the note,
Warm sighs are filling tears in eyes,
Beats are pinching in his hearts,
The old dusty shoes are now happy,
They are going to be with him for more,
This small dark house is now smiling,
He is staying in here for days more,
Sorrows are playing a strange game,
An endless ending of his black life....

Will Barber 10 September 2009

Paradise lost and found and lost; what a wonderful empathetic write. - Will

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Obinna Eruchie 01 September 2009

Your description truly captured one's mood of fortune gained to that of fortune lost.

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Carol Gall 31 August 2009

i like the way you captured his joy

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Mubeen Sadhika 31 August 2009

Good narration. The scene is beautifully captured. Nice to see u again.

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