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A Prostitute....

Rating: 5.0

She is a mother,
She has loves,
She has dreams,
She is creative,
She is beautiful,
But above all to us,
She is a prostitute.

You hate her,
You scold her,
You leave her,
In the dark world,
You say her worse life,
To your all now,
She is a prostitute.

Can you answer me,
Why such identity of her?
Why she is so hated?
Who made her so?
The god or you?
Isn't it your nasty lust?
Isn't it your ugly greed?
Isn't it You man,
Who left her helpless?
Isn't it you man,
Who thrown her in darkness?
Isn't it you man,
Who pulled her to hell?
Isn't it you man,
For whom she is a prostitute?

Hey god, I confess,
On behalf of these cowards,
I confess my sin to make her so.
Judge yourself man,
Who suits in that burning hell?
Isn't that me, you, us, the lusty man?
Or that lady, who was born innocent?
But now to all of these society,
She is a prostitute.....

Angela Michel 10 August 2009

Your poem certainly touches on the deep dark truth of the life of a prostitute. (And I like the repetition, gives extra emphasis)

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Whisperkwane Lamb 10 August 2009

Repeat is good...remember a street walker a gift from our creator...she is a woman...who can give life...her life was turn away by some misfortune... Maybe that is a eye opener...not an eye sore...we who are more fortunate...must see the good in all that we have stated that..I hear you.

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Kafil Uddin Raihan 09 August 2009

There are complains of repeat of lines in this poem, But I Believe, It is for the demand of the poem, to make out the point easier to all that the poem states......Thanks all well wishers and friends for their comments.

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Mubeen Sadhika 03 August 2009

A true narration about the oldest prostitution. Deserves 10.......

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Carol Gall 03 August 2009

a real view of something true good write

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Nancy corado 09 December 2020

What year was it published

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radhakanta barik 13 July 2020

it is a beautiful poem on prostitute

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Shilesha Johnson 20 August 2009

sad but true... i give it a 10

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Travis Johnson 14 August 2009

yo good stuff. i know cause i see this all the time. sad but true

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Tyrone Wingfield 11 August 2009

the ulgy truth of the matter is that the same people who look down on her the most are her biggest customers, it is an evil, corupt, and hypocritical world we live in.. This is an amazing poem with deep emotion

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