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War And Child....(02)

Rating: 4.9

She was only one year old,
Her mother was singing a lullaby.
At that night, there was silence,
Which was broken by sudden bullets,
There were rifled men in positions,
Firing towards two dresses,
Mother took her into her arms,
She stood up and tried to run to safe,
But suddenly a bullet or several,
Pierce her back into her heart,
She fell down with the girls,
The girl was so afraid as crying,
But her young sense couldn't perceive,
The things were happening around her.
The girl sat down on the floor,
Crawled into the red bloods,
Saw her poor mother's pale face,
She slapped her crying a lot,
But that poor lady was so silent,
Did not sing out the lullaby,
Did not kiss the little girl to shut her mouth,
Did not take her to her arms affectionately.
The little girl became angry to her mother,
She rebuked her, cursed her,
But her mother did not get up.
Other hand the girl felt hungry,
She moved to mother's chest,
Removed the clothes there,
Started sipping the dry breast,
But they were as dead as mother.
The little lips were sipping and sipping,
And once the girls slept down,
Is that girl alive now?
Has she known the events?
Can she define war now?
Has she forgiven her rude mother?
Has she forgiven her own fate?
Has she forgiven the cruel god?
Has she forgiven the brutal war?
Has she...?

Omar Ibrahim 30 July 2009

GOD isn't cruel......say all but that..... anyway, i liked the two expressed what all people wanted to express but they couldn't....good work :)

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Chitra - 29 July 2009

1 and 2 are filled with sensitivity and emotions...they are such heart wrenching writes on the stark side of life...well done

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Marton Dezso 29 July 2009

It is good to feel how cruel poetry can be, how great Kafil can be. To forgive faith... No, never. And faith has many names, some of them listed in the poem some of them untold. thank you for writing &sharing

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Catrina Heart 29 July 2009

Such a sad another are revealing the small fragments of war...many questions left unanswered and for all that queries time will only answer...justice hand will have it's wave and hit in due time.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 29 July 2009

Try 'A Question Of God'.

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Roman Petrov 06 August 2009

wow! you descripe the scenes very well! very sad and much better than my War poem! 10/10!

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dr veenaa rai 31 July 2009

the innocent suffer the consequences of war...very touching...

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dr veenaa rai 31 July 2009

the innocent suffer the consequences of war...very touching...

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Khushboo Gul 31 July 2009

Thats really heart touching. i will vote it as 9.6

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Obinna Eruchie 30 July 2009

Another sad tale that shows devastating effect of war on a child.

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