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A Mail To Mayakkannan

Rating: 5.0

Darling Krishna,
In that dispersed dream
Into a vague painting
You too dispersed in a stream
Of blue and green leaving
Me in a splendid awe
To remark till now 'aha'

In the cradle of my vision
You sway like a tiny magician

With your beauty splendour
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: prayer
Jacqui Thewless 05 July 2009

O boy! This is one cool poem! !

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Obinna Eruchie 25 May 2009

a wonderful mail to Krishna, a beautiful verse.

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Krishna, the all-time-charmer, is worth all the adulation in as many as words as exist in all languages. This mail, I am sure, He would treasure it for ever.

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'aayar paadi malighaiyil thai madiyil kannanai pol mayar kannan thoongukiran' that was kannadasan's krishna ganam..lord krishna pranks, romance, wisdom and what not to fill poets after poets..to fill poems after poems

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Seema Aarella 17 February 2009

Every girl dreams to be his gopika...every mother yearns to cradle him in her lap...your desire and devotion are very well brought out! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Douse me too in your musical grace. Hurry up Hari Prank and prattle for me Pop in Lord, I'm waiting. krishna is in trinelveli at your custody, it seems, ...10++++++++

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Krishnarasa Seshadri 22 December 2009

Krishna is my first love! I sometimes feel More to Giridhar Gopal, dhusron na koi, like Meera said...... its Madhurya, ur poem!

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Mandara Pookal 21 December 2009

Such a beautiful write and so well constructed! ! ! I am amazed and struck with awe at the beauty of your lines. Thank you madam, I am delighted. mandara

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Vanita Thakkar 01 August 2009

Nice mail to Krishna. New form of Bhakti - Cyber Bhakti. Reminds me of hyms and raas/garbas on Krishna.... Meera bhajans.... Vanita.

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In the cradle of my vision You sway like a tiny magician With your beauty splendour Smiling, chuckling to evince an ankle-biter On a banyan leaf so fertile Only to conceal in exile any amount of words may not suffice the praise of lord krishna. he is such wonderful religious character...10 read mine o, lord...prayer.

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