A Patchwork Of Soul Poem by Wojja Fink

A Patchwork Of Soul

Rating: 5.0

I stumble on poets whom I’ve not before read
With visions of mountains to climb in my head
Old mysteries to learn buried deep in my heart
Viewed from a mind we’re a long way apart
But the mystery unfolds in a patchwork of art
Eastern light shines in the rhythms of men
Who seemingly travell and come back yet again
They say that it’s true there’s not far to go
If you travel light and forget all that you know
It’s a patchwork of heaven sewn through the ages
Sung by the poets and sat on by Sages
It’s a mystery of words with meanings revealed
When the tongue is silent the ears are healed,
In amazement in wonder the silence is bliss,
As thoughts turn to rainbows the Self sends a kiss.

Subroto Chatterjee 19 April 2009

Wojja, That was a WHOLE beauty....not a patchwork. Well done, my friend. Very enticing, musical..Ah, my heart sings again!

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Jim Hogg 20 April 2009

I fink you're a pretty talented writer and thinker mister, having had a mewander through your gear. I did have a bit of problem chewing the England one though - a slight constitutional defect on my part perhaps... But an entertaining page or three of poems in prospect good sir...

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 21 April 2009

In amazement and in wonder I read this patchwork ballad, how easy it seems when you conduct it - Brilliant indeed

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Ravi A 22 April 2009

'When the tongue is so silent the ears are then healed, In amazement in wonder the silence is bliss, As thoughts turn to rainbows as the Self sends a kiss.' - Very noteworthy lines indeed. You have caught the right spirit. You serve your poem straight from the heart to the heart of the reader.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 24 April 2009

You're sure are right about the patchwork, I sometimes think, when it's dark, I'm a bit of a Frankenstien.

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Margaret Beil 13 November 2011

Your poem really rocks, beautiful x

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beautiful poem! ! ! i like this poem a whole lot

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Christine Kerr 23 August 2009

I love the last three lines, I can tell they have come deep within the soul and yet tells so much loud and clear. Beautifully done

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Frank Lambert 15 August 2009

John, there's a smart rhythm to this verse and meaningful thoughts too. That's a great combination to have in a poem. Frank

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Yelena M. 03 July 2009

This poem is amazing in its rhythm and musicality. I agree with your ideas about poetry :) Beautiful. A.

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