A Play Of Rays Poem by Maria Barbara Korynt

A Play Of Rays

Rating: 5.0

a play of the sun rays in a glade
is a riddle for me whether the sun isn't abusing
its competence
dropping this hot a weapon
on green grass
golden rays are romping
about then immoderately

it is burning green stalks mercilessly
sometimes a rain to hit it through

the cloud as a warning, and in a minute
hot tongues are drinking the juiciness

indefatigable brightened imps are feeding
on the tired grass

as sun tired with the day, like the
golden spider weaving thin threads,
it will call them to the dream,
on the radial web,
and then they will have a dream
about silver butterfly amongst
white cherry blossoms
and a day...


excellent write with deep and meaningful images...lovely to read

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Indira Renganathan 24 September 2009

Nice thematic nature-poem....lovely

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Nikunj Sharma 31 August 2009

this is 3 s for me - short, sweet and stimulating............also 3 E, exciting, exhilirating and enticing...good write

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 21 March 2009

very reliefing and very suprising! same as when Monet shook the world with his Impression: Sunrise. keep writing!

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Dagmara Anna 17 March 2009

Subtle and...hot poem :) Very nice. I like it.

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