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A Response To Dylan Thomas

Rating: 4.7

I shall 'go gentle into that good night'
I have no wish to 'rage, rage' rave and fight
But rather I would welcome
'The dying of the light'

For being wise I know that 'dark is right'
And old age yet shall seek for its delight
To behold 'the sun in flight'
And the fading of the light

Ruth Walters 19 February 2012

I liked this one and that you have replied to the poet, a habit of mine sometimes.

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Joseph Anderson 20 April 2012

A brief, but potent repudiation of Dylan. I wish to go your way.Bravo

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Naomi Hinshaw-hersh 28 February 2012

Quite a few of my poems are rebuttals or responses so it doesn't surprise me that others like yourself do as well; and a great response it is at that.

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Danny Draper 19 February 2012

Such a shame Dylan cannot respond, what would he pen. He may guide you to Lament or Death shall have no dominion. Perhapes he would agree with you with poetry a metaphor for work or life's toil in My craft or sullen art. Nice and fearless pondering.

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Robert Green 14 February 2012

I like the idea of responding to a poem this way, I think I understand your views also within your words. Maybe even a view I would take even if not for the same sentiments.

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Souren Mondal 15 February 2016

An apt and wise response to a marevellous poem.. Thank you for sharing - :)

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Juan Olivarez 05 May 2014

To answer the great Dylan Thomas, one equally as great. I do understand Valerie and for a broken heart nothing is ever the same. Be well my friend.

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Patricia Northall 22 March 2014

I just think it's so clever, and original too. I immediately had the thought, how would Richard Burton, a devotee of Thomas have responded? ? ? He was not clever enough with all his rhetoric to compose anything so brilliant, and he for ever claimed he understood Thomas so well... Nice one Val...

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Thomas Vaughan Jones 12 February 2014

I just returned from Laughne, Dylan Thomas' birthplace. Beautiful country. This is an excellent riposte to Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night Good touch of Welsh melancholy. .

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Owain Glyn 02 January 2013

Dear old Dylan would congratulate you on this, and then suggest a visit to the pub!

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