........ On Poetry Poem by Valerie Dohren

........ On Poetry

Rating: 4.9

Such princely and linguistic feats
As penned by Shelley, Byron, Keats
Though rich and eloquently grand
Are oft` too deep to understand

Their thoughts expressed through poetry
In prose or perfect symmetry
Bewilder yet this humble mind
Their meaning, hidden, still to find

So if ungilded words convey
Each message that they would portray
Then simple verses should reveal
The inspiration that I feel

And thus may every scholar read
Between each line, their hearts to feed,
Unfolding there in simple style
This heart`s endeavour to beguile

Daniel Brick 11 April 2014

Your poem raises a vexed question concerning the sheer difficulty of understanding the preliminary, surface meaning, much less symbolic, psychological, mythic levels, of many poems. However, I just keep reading and re-reading and do not surrender. There are still passages in Shelley, a favorite of mine, I do not understand. Someday I might. In the meantime, I stay close to the poet by staying close to the words. Your approach is also fruitful. You wrote a poem about opaque poems in language that is simple and direct and thoroughly satisfying.

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Thomas Vaughan Jones 27 January 2014

Our Romantic Poets wrote sublimely. Like this :)

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Marvin Brato 21 October 2013

Excellent, simply an eloquent write!

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Mike Barrett 14 December 2013

Wow, really neat! I loved it. You have the gift! If you find the time, check out my poem with the same title. Keats is my favorite poet of all time. His greatness comes not only through his poetry (there are some of his poems I'm not too crazy about) , but his comments on poetry contained in letters he wrote to friends and family. Thanks again. Ciao! (I re-sent this comment because I wanted to clarify the first message and correct a couple of typos. I detest the comment submission procedure on this site - especially the number of wrong verification code flags even when there's a correct match of those numbers!)

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Shania K. Younce 16 March 2014

A very lovely poem. I really like it. The poem is very flowing. Bien!

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Bill Cantrell 15 November 2023

Stunning and true, I write between the lines and I am an armature, how much more as regards the greats, full marks

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Rob Lamberton 17 December 2022

ungilded words and simple verses attract my attention…delightful poem!

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Shaun Cronick 26 November 2019

Simply beautiful and magnificent. So lovingly written. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this from start to finish. I see warm, welcome echoes in your poems Valerie of my favourite poet and her name is Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this sparkling gem. Rated 10++ and added your good self and this poem to my favourite poets and poems list. I thank you again and take care.

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Akhtar Jawad 02 April 2018

Then simple verses should reveal The inspiration that I feel....a thoughtful poem, I agree with your thoughts.

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Great work and great effort

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