One Question Poem by simran arora

One Question

Rating: 2.8

A question can make a day,
Can inspire u for a better way,
Give u sunny smile,
And a love included file,
A question can work like a survey,
And could sometimes take u to overlay,
Sometime someone loves to be with u,
And from the soul of there hear they r honest and true,
But this kind of people r few,
They try to fill jester in every life,
But still keep their attitude like a knife,
A single question can enhance u,
But only when u goes through...

Subodh Pandey 21 January 2012

a nice write. only a nice? can evoke thinking. melting answers and spreading questions makes one think.

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Pari Dharawat 23 November 2011

BEAUTIFUL lines, nicely structured where rhymes are nicely flowing

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Hans Vr 03 October 2011

A bright idea elaborated in melodious verses. A question can mean opportunity, can mean love. Let us all tune in to the positive things that can be found in questions

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Vipins Puthooran 27 September 2011

Magnificent are a talented writer..

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Young Church Poetry 27 September 2011

Brilliant poem, brilliant writing. The first two lines are so brilliant and amazing, beatiful work.

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