A Safe Distance From My Destruction Poem by Amberlee Carter

A Safe Distance From My Destruction

Rating: 4.9

a safe distance from my destruction

let me be nothing to you,
not a bell with a voice
to rattle the rust from your stagnant muse,
not a breath to infect your body with life.

let me dead to you;
to your eyes and their vision,
to your hands and their compassion-

let me be less to you;
not a wonderful lover
with a womb to plant your name in,
not a mother who'll bear heirs of your flesh.

let me not be your queen,
the reasons why
the sun and moon must rise and set-
not the gravity by which
the seasons and tides must turn and wane.

let me not be your clock,
your coffin or your heart,
the faith you devote your prayers and tithing to-

just let me rest, the discolored shell upon shore,
humming a lullaby of the ocean,
admire my beauty from afar-
but never love me, for I sing alone.

Raynette Eitel 26 May 2005

This is wonderful...great imagery and strong statements. The last line is the best. Raynette

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Xxx Xxx 26 May 2008

I think this earth is less than the planet you come from

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Howard Johnson 28 February 2008

Decided I needed A little dose of Amberlee today, , , and randomly picked out this one, Ohh MAn this one cuts and how deep, Ouch. Still looking for a band aid, , , each stanza echos with a retorical question that is bluntly asked, , , , , I haven't read some as stong as this Since the lable on a'' Ajax bottle'..., All this aside, A very creative and most excellent piece, Amberlee

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G. Murdock 07 December 2005

Beautiful, haunting, succint, great sweeps of truth and revelation.

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your work is so good, i want to scream at the top of my lungs, mad with envy. ....amazing. Jake

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Uriah Hamilton 27 May 2005

You sing alone, but it is such an enchanting song.

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