...Changing The Color To Sunrise Poem by Amberlee Carter

...Changing The Color To Sunrise

Rating: 5.0

(you know who you are)

pages of poetry scatter
absent of direction 'cross the floor,
tiptoe through the abstract path,
cool cement and disturbed titles-
meditating and focused hard
on every endeavor of ball and heal
careful not to summon the demons
between the lines- I am haunted by words,
scared mindless into repetitions,
basic survival methods-
not too lean on the meaning,
not too thick on the flow,
equally structuring the verses to burn.

my eyes seep petals of ink.
you have never seen the rib
torn from my cage,
fractured and shaven, a perfect fine line-
the weapon of scripture.

I would have named you myth
if not for your undeniable proof-
the smell of ancient tongues
and petrified wisdom
drip from your pores-
red lettering on napkins,
the obituaries of every muse
you've resurrected-
works of genius and artistic flaw,
you had a name for every slanted ' I '
and misprinted brush stroke of faith.

leaping and jumping in your madness,
the whole world is mad-
they all want to savor your flavor
and status themselves along with us-
'the mad poets, generation of asylum'

and while we crush stars for sabbath day kicks
they're still in the shadows
interpreting the crickets-
they hear the chaos of thunder
we defined as God's whisper,
who will name these nights after our hours?

and now the beginning of
the first half of a new century-
more time and we're passing by without
ironing out the mended edges or dotting the eyes
of this uneven circle we're spinning-
the imbalanced wash cycle,
it's never going to end and we're never going to be clean-
it revolves around our laundry
and we'll never turn in
the same awkward unison as the rest of the hungry world.

your prisms dilate and focus
hard on solving the symbols of gene and divine chalk-

Amanda Lukas 22 December 2005

What's to say? I marvel at your work quite often, yet I am always faced with the same question: what comment could I possibly make that is suitable for such amazing poetry?

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G. Murdock 07 December 2005

My mouth is agape with disbelief. I read this again and it's like reading some incredible headline. Some great lines in this........'.I would have named you myth if not for your undeniable proof.'....but even more......' You've never seen the rib torn from my cage, fractured and shaven, a perfect line, a weapon of scripture' Maybe not a perfect fine line. I felt the anxiety of trying to communicate the internal monologue of the poet, like attempting to discern the prattle of a thousand conversations, with amazement glean from the mixture a rendering near the boiling point, but not before it vaporizes and turns to mist. I was convinced by the exposition. This is what I think determines the merit of your work.

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Joe Howell 20 June 2005

Addictive from tip to toe. Joe

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Andrew Konisberg 12 June 2005

'on every endeavor of ball and heal' was a very interesting line. a very mature composition.

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Uriah Hamilton 25 May 2005

This poem mesmerizes me.

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Wahab Abdul 29 February 2012

An exquisite piece of poetry….a smart attempt and extraordinary effort, thank you for sharing.

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Fidel Arcenas 27 March 2009

Poetic excellence - forceful, mystical, real, existential - this one has it all. Great writing.

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Alfredo Jacques 07 September 2007

wow this is a great sbstract piece I really, really enjoyed thisone thank you for sharing.

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Dipy Hermonite 13 June 2007

Great piece of writing.

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Michael Gale 01 June 2006

Wow, this poem is so deep and good. I'll probably have to reread it a few hundred times just to snare a thread of it's meaning. By the way, This poem is very good. A mere ten for this write. Another twenty for your bio. Talent you've got alot. God bless and best regards-Michael Jeffrey Gale.

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