Amberlee Carter

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Amberlee Carter Poems

1. Skins 4/21/2005
2. Late Sunday Afternoon...Or Early Evening 6/26/2005
3. The Longest Mile 5/30/2005
4. Sister Was Dying 3/26/2005
5. Homogenized 3/30/2005
6. The Wisdom Of Have Not 2/24/2005
7. I Am So Full Of The World (A Birthday Poem 2005) 12/18/2005
8. While The Dark Scribbles Stars 1/20/2005
9. A Ruins 12/1/2005
10. Sunny Afternoon 3/30/2005
11. My Hands Hold, With Or Without 4/3/2005
12. Observing Silence While She Dances 4/5/2005
13. Sunlight Bathes In The Sky 3/23/2005
14. Untitled [ A Work In Progress} 6/7/2005
15. The Still In Restlessness 5/19/2005
16. Of Messiahs And Masochists 3/23/2005
17. A New Year, An Old Death (A Dream Of Trees) 1/20/2007
18. Cataract 11/9/2007
19. Waking With The Taste Of Future In My Mouth 5/13/2005
20. On Being Bound By The Freedom Of Expression 3/23/2005
21. Pathos 4/3/2005
22. Pages: The Haunting Of Soul 4/5/2005
23. Romance 3/9/2005
24. The Labor Of Love 6/7/2005
25. I Am Youth's Soldier 1/20/2005
26. The Fourth Stall 11/17/2004
27. The Back Breaking Of Saint 5/13/2005
28. Of Hours Spent (In Slavery) Or Atlas Of A Modern World 3/30/2005
29. The Spider, The Fly And The Web 4/5/2005
30. Lullaby 1/30/2006
31. Where The Sun Sleeps 4/4/2005
32. The Dent In His Chest 1/10/2006
33. Birds Of Prey And Field Mice 7/17/2010
34. Of Budding Trees And Pillars Of Concrete 3/26/2005
35. Yeah, Ok, I'Ll Be Your Crutch 5/13/2005
36. Revelations In A Sunday Morning Shower 12/18/2005
37. Tearing Down The Marble Arch 11/17/2004
38. Rainbows At 4am 6/28/2005
39. The Greater Horizon 4/9/2005
40. Somewhere: A Hand Is Reading Out Loud (Revised) 8/18/2005

Comments about Amberlee Carter

  • Xxx Xxx (7/12/2008 11:22:00 AM)

    reading your poetry is a constant rejoicing...I guess, your burdens have put you somewhere with someone and something...

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  • Robert Wright (6/18/2007 12:01:00 PM)

    I love the rhythm and cadence of your poetry - it's so powerful! !

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  • Joe Howell (1/2/2006 8:30:00 PM)

    A breath of fresh air!

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  • Pamela Castineiras (1/1/2006 4:44:00 PM)

    Look, I found you. ^__^

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  • Christine Anderson (8/21/2005 5:03:00 AM)

    You are one of the most upsetting poets I have ever read... and I love you!

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  • Sofiul Azam (8/1/2005 8:48:00 AM)

    We were born in the same year! and write poems for ourselves and others with whom we can share our feelings. I am glad you are on the way to get published soon after the completing of your manuscript. Your poems are fantastic and promising indeed. I have a friendly suggestion: don't write too much, better make your poems a bit solid in your supposed craftmanship that would certainly take you far away to the place where all your dreams will come true partially if not completely. I wish you success and want to be friends with you. You can read my poems here on the same site.

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  • Uriah Hamilton (6/7/2005 6:07:00 AM)

    Of course, like Mireille, I consider Amberlee a great poet, I'm very happy to have found her work!

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  • Mireille Laborie (5/29/2005 6:43:00 AM)

    I knew and appreciated your poems a while ago now, in this lovely Poetic Constellations family.

    I'm really glad to know I'll be able to read more from you here. You're a great poet, whose pen brushes life, feelings with the colors of life and it's beautiful.


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  • moonworm festers (5/21/2005 12:56:00 AM)

    it'll be a long time before i go through all your 100 works, and it'll be delirious buffet for the senses. do hope you get published, and soon!

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  • kenneth william snow kenneth william snow (4/17/2005 7:06:00 PM)

    I left a comment on the first poem you posted 'between two griefs' It is an extraordinary effort by an extraordinary woman.

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Best Poem of Amberlee Carter

...Changing The Color To Sunrise

(you know who you are)

pages of poetry scatter
absent of direction 'cross the floor,
tiptoe through the abstract path,
cool cement and disturbed titles-
meditating and focused hard
on every endeavor of ball and heal
careful not to summon the demons
between the lines- I am haunted by words,
scared mindless into repetitions,
basic survival methods-
not too lean on the meaning,
not too thick on the flow,
equally structuring the verses to burn.

my eyes seep petals of ink.
you have never seen the rib
torn from my cage, ...

Read the full of ...Changing The Color To Sunrise


I imagined
rain casting bows
cross your sleep struck neck,
you tossed and sighed
heavy skin to bitter winter-
Your shoulders slender and spent,
you held up the world
and it gave you exhaustion.